Saturday, March 10, 2012

Endri Kostur

Maria gets a hair cut at Aveda.

Union Jacks.

This is one of our favorite restaurants.  It's new. created by Jamie Oliver and Chris Bianco.  Yum!

On the Piccadilly Tube Line.

These were drawn while stuck on the tube.  It was long enough for me to capture these guys.

The British Museum.

The Imperial War Museum.

These were posted in their linear form as well.

Sumerset house.

I posted this awhile back in it's linear form.

Ron Bowmen

Canela when it was at Carneby Square.

John Steinbeck

People on the streets.

Misc. Pubs.

Cha cha moon in Carneby Square.

The Clachan Pub.

The Royal George Pub

London 2012. #2

Draw at a nice pub across from where the Shrek show is.  The Nell of Old Drury Pub.

London 2012. #1

The first drawing is a Thursday night gallery hop.  The entire gallery was a film and this cylinder of concrete.  Interesting.  :-P

This was drawn at our local pub The Plough.  Or as we call it The Plug.

These two were at our Mirror Mirror wrap party at the private club called The Bear Claw.

This was drawn at The Angle Pub up in Archway.  Paula and Tony.  I'll never forget that night for as long as I live.  What a mess!  :-P

I'm back 2.

These were drawn in San Francisco during our time home over the holidays.  The group is of a few of my friends at my favorite restaurant Absinthe in the Hayes Valley.  The last drawing if my first drawing in 2012 while wrapping up our New Years Eve with a meal at Mel's Drive in on Geary street.  Good times!