Sunday, September 1, 2013


So far all of my posts are of my childhood injuries?  These memories stick out the most for me.  I'll try and think of a positive experience for my next post!  Anyway,  this story includes my older brother. We found two identical unusable broom sticks with out their straw.  As I said they were identical. I discovered that the straw is held together by metallic twine as illustrated on the broom stick that I am holding.  We began to use them as "Spears" and started to throw them at each other.  All fun and games until I threw mine at my brother and missed.  My brother ran as I ran to pick my spear up.  As I stood up and turned around my brother was 8 feet behind me and said "GOTCHA"!  He hurled his spear at me and it landed right on my eye!  As you can see there were rusted metallic barbs pointing out of the end in a circle and they neatly stabbed the surrounding flesh around my eye in a circle missing my eye ball.  Next thing I remember was one of my elder sisters carrying me to the bathroom only to wipe off the blood around my eye with a little bactine and sent me back out to play.  

The End