Friday, August 30, 2013

Childhood Memories series...

For years I've been mulling over what I can illustrate or paint.  Then it dawned on me why I like in my artist heroes.  Most of what they do is related to their life's experience.  The saying; "Write what you know." has always stayed with me.  Therefore I've decided to illustrate some of my childhood memories and stories.  So far, I have two I'd like to share with you.


Nail in my leg...

One Summer my Father had a few construction jobs around our house.  He decided to dump the debris out back in the yard just below the second story deck slowly creating what I called a "debris lasagna".  Debris then cardboard.  Debris then cardboard.  As the weeks/months went by some of us kids started forming ideas as to what we could do with that debris lasagna?  We turned it into a landing pad as we jumped off of the second floor deck!  The fun lasted all summer.  It kept growing.  So did my confidence.  We landed on it so much that slowly it became a debris pancake.  The card board was so compressed that upon my last jump a nail pop through and cut my leg wide open.  After a squirt of Bactine and a popsicle I returned to find my father removing the debris lasagna of fun.      

The End.

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