Saturday, August 31, 2013

My First Punch in the Face...

My first punch in the face.

While walking home after school with my older sister and her pretty friend, of which I had a crush on, a few boys in the neighborhood started bullying us.  I really liked my sisters friend and decided to step into action.  I screamed "Leave my sister (and her pretty friend) alone!!!"  I didn't know how to fight so I started swinging my closed fists in the air and to my surprise landed my right on the temple of one of the bullies.  In a flash the boy got into a boxing stance cocked his right hand back and fired it right into my nose!  There was blood everywhere!  My sister turned into a Devil and scared all of the bullies away.  I cried all the way back home.  I was mostly embarrassed that my sisters pretty friend saw me get clobbered.  

The End.    

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